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Kosher Kush Strain

THC 14-17%
CBD 0-1%
Enter a condition of delighted quietness and illumination with Kosher Kush - the main business strain to be honored by a Rabbi.

LA Confidential

THC 20-25%
CBD 0-1%
LA Confidential is a full serving of sedation and relaxation, with a side of joy. Assuming you need a definitive body stone, request yours today. LA Confidential isn't a noir exemplary, however it is a pot exemplary. Alongside a skunky and sweet flavor, LA Confidential is a scrumptious treat. At the point when a strain gets the endorsement of Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill, you know it's a guardian.

Master Kush

  • THC 18-20%
  • CBD 0-1%
Mater Kush is an intense force to be reckoned with! Assuming that you're a current toker, you've probably currently known about this incredible half and half. 90% indica prevailing, Master Kush is your one-way pass to add up to unwinding! Its loosening up body impacts and careful high will allure every one of your faculties. It's a mutual benefit!

Northern Lights

THC 22-24% CBD 0-1% A flat out legend by its own doing, Northern Lights is well known in the Canna-people group for being a 'two hit and quit' strain - Say farewell to that distraught soul and hi to some genuine unwinding.

OG Kush

In all honesty, getting your hands on the OG strain of OG Kush is a ton harder than a great many people anticipate. Knockoffs, cross breeds, and predecessors of OG Kush are promptly accessible - however this is one of only a handful of exceptional shots the vast majority have at getting OG Kush itself.

Orange Kush


Platinum Bubba Kush

The grand slam strain that will knock you off your feet! You might feel down on yourself from a development of stress and melancholy. Platinum Bubba Kush transports you into another outlook, a psychological lounger on a sandy Carribean ocean side. Platinum Bubba Kush deletes constant torment, getting you back steering the ship of your body.

Platinum OG

Platinum OG Strain Information The Platinum OG strain is similarly basically as valuable as the metal it’s named after. With

Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Take a full breath and chill. Take another and let it go. Assuming you're actually feeling like a bundle of confined pressure, enjoy a drag on Pre-98 Bubba Kush and watch as all that pressure evaporates up in smoke. Pre-98 Bubba Kush is the "back in my day" Indica strain your Grandparents discussed 100% of the time.

Purple Banana Breath

THC 30-35%
CBD 0-1%
Purple Banana Breath is an intriguing aggregate gotten from ordinary Banana Breath and conveys a tropical hit that will strengthen, unwind and steady at the same time! With 30-35% THC overall and a banana-propelled terpene profile, this strain is a moment exemplary.

Purple Kush

THC 22-27%
CBD 0-1%
Purple Kush is one of the most exemplary weed strains in the pot world. This lovely Indica will vigorously steady you into a profound rest. It's ideally suited for unwinding and loosening up in the wake of a difficult day.

Purple Urkle

At the point when you smoke Purple Urkle interestingly, you will be blown away. It resembles a whirlwind gets you and tosses you on the love seat. The unwinding is top notch, washing endlessly any repressed pressure from life and supplanting it with a simple summer wind.