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Afghan Kush


THC 15-17%

CBD 0-1%

Utilized in low dosages, the impacts are elevating and euphoric, making a happy energy that carries on for quite a long time. Be that as it may, assuming you fight at a surprisingly high level, you could wind up adhered to the lounge chair while focusing on no expectation of leaving.

Biscottie Strain

The Biscottie strain is a seldom seen individual from the treat based group of weed strains. An indica-predominant half breed, this sweet and yeasty strain has a THC power of 25% overall and conveys an inspiring, euphoric head high and a quieting, loosening up body high.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Strain Information Black Diamond is no strain in the unpleasant, it’s the full bundle! On the off chance

Black Mamba

THC 21-23%
CBD 0-1%
Black Mamba can welcome on strong brain adjusting impacts that will make your psyche race however will likewise persuade you to deal with your objectives. This strain profoundly affects being useful and getting done with your responsibilities.

Bubba Kush

THC 21-23%
CBD 0-1%
Coming at you from the Golden State, Bubba Kush is a well known indica strain understandably! Its flavors are pretty much as sweet as its belongings! With loosening up properties and inspiring rapture, this strain has something for everybody!

Cherry Pie

THC 21-24%
CBD 0-1%
Cherry Pie leaves you thrilled and jubilant that comes on in minutes. Buds are thick and brimming with orange hair with a slight touch of purple, with an acrid and pleasant smell and flavor. Aficionados of fruity strains will appreciate Cherry Pie's capacity to crush pressure and nervousness, and help with overabundance aggravation. Anticipate sensations of rapture, unwinding, and happiness.

Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG not just shows you its clouded side through its belongings yet in addition through its appearance. Its thick nugs convey a dull shading to it - profound blues, violet purples, and dim greens make up the shading range of this force to be reckoned with.

Forbidden Fruit


THC 24-26%

CBD 0-1%

Assuming it's strength you're later, Headband is exactly what was needed! With high THC levels and dazzling cerebral impacts, this indica-predominant half and half is a can't miss. The solid head high and calming actual impacts will make them feel a wide range of magnificent. Draw in your brain and recuperate your body with a sound portion of Headband!

Grand Daddy Purple

Great Daddy Purple, or GDP, is well known for its profound purple tone and an exceptionally strong body high. It has irrefutably great looks, yet the buzz and inspiring impacts are the full bundle!

Herijuana Strain

THC 29-32% CBD 0-1% Prepare to feel relaxed more than ever! Herijuana is a close unadulterated indica that will make them become hopelessly enamored at first puff. Set your psyche straight and happily sink into the sedation. Herijuana strain will make them feel like your concerns are miles and a long ways off!

Hindu Kush

THC 18-20%
CBD 0-1%
Hindu Kush is an unadulterated indica strain named after the mountain range extending 500 miles among Pakistan and Afghanistan where it began. The unforgiving environment of its country has adapted this strain to communicate a thick, defensive layer of precious stone trichomes appreciated by hash creators around the world.

Indica Kief


Indica Kief  is presently accessible at Herb Approach! Kief is a top choice and taken a gander at as "weed gold" to numerous in the pot local area.

Each container contains 1 gram of Indica Kief Indica Kief Information Premium Indica Kief is currently accessible at Mega Weeds Mart! Kief is a most loved accumulate and taken a gander at as "weed gold" to numerous in the pot local area. Now and then the best inclination is opening the lower part of your processor to just track down an excellent heap of kief that has been gathering throughout the long term. We prescribe kief to be utilized in joints, bowls or cooking. Click here to look at this article on the most ideal ways to utilize Kief! Each container contains 1 gram of Kief