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Pink Runtz

THC 23-25%
CBD 0-1%
Pink Runtz is a strong and impeccably adjusted cross breed strain that is ideal for all tokers. Including a THC content of 23 to 25%, this sweets like strain delivers an extreme, euphoric body high that is quieting and unwinding!

Platinum Cookies

THC 22-24%
CBD 0-1%
Experience an explosion of sweet berry, treat and candy enhancing. You will launch in a rocket transport headed for planet Euphoria. Platinum Cookies has high THC levels. It can assist with torment, temperament issues, a sleeping disorder, and extreme queasiness. This strain assists the aggravation with liquefying immediately as you move back on your sofa.

Purple Cheese

Buy Purple Cheese Purple Cheese, otherwise called “Purple Cheese Auto,” is an indica-prevailing autoflowering half breed cannabis strain that joins

Purple Punch

Been miserable and overemphasized? Purple Punch is here to make all the difference, lifting you into happiness with THC levels up to 20%! With its scrumptiously sweet flavors and unquestionably loosening up impacts, the main thing Purple Punch will take out is your pressure and strain!

Purple White Lightning

Experience unadulterated and delighted unwinding with Purple White Lightning. A relieving indica-predominant half and half, this strain is great for feeling your concerns float away. Feel your muscles slacken as your psyche extends in a dazy fog in the most ideal way!

Strawberry Cough

THC 21-23%
CBD 0-1%
Noted for its unquestionable flavor and fragrance, Strawberry Cough is a can't-miss smoke! Wickedly fruity, this strain brought back home the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup for its elevating, stimulating and useful impacts. It's beginning and end you might at any point need in a Sativa to say the very least!


THC 16-18%
CBD 0-1%
Trainwreck Strain is a mind-bending hybrid with potent sativa effects that hit like a freight train. Mexican and Thai sativas were bred with Afghani indicas to produce this Northern California staple, passing on a sweet lemon and spiny pine aroma.

Watermelon Strain

THC 20-22%
CBD 0-1%
Watermelon is a 80% indica strain. Its huge, thick buds are esteemed for their high THC content and loosening up impacts, helpful as a tranquilizer or craving energizer. As the name proposes, this strain has a particular fruity watermelon flavor profile, suggestive of grape with hashy hints.

Wedding Cake

In addition to another becoming flushed lady of the hour, Wedding Cake will make you want to put a ring on it! The entire bundle, this indica-half breed strain supplies loosening up impacts with euphoric properties. It will recuperate your body and connect with your brain. With 24-26% THC, this strain is however beautiful as it seems to be strong!

White Fire OG

White Fire OG, otherwise called Wifi OG is an indica-prevailing strain which comes from the cross of The White and

White Rhino

Bold and strong, White Rhino is the PERFECT decision for those searching for some ponderous unwinding! A genuinely spotless high that will loosen up you from head to toe, White Rhino is ideal for washing that large number of stresses away.

White Widow

THC 18-20%
CBD 0-1%
White Widow is a classic Hybrid that’s remained popular throughout the years. The team at Green House Seeds fused an Indica from Brasil and Indian landrace to create the beautiful bud we know and love.