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God’s Green Crack

THC 23-25%
CBD 0-1.01%
This cross breed strain conveys a natural, woody taste and a decent high. A reasonable, half breed strain between Indica "God Bud" and Sativa "Green Crack," this crossbreed conveys radiant impacts.

Gorilla Glue #4

THC 30-32% CBD 0-1% Gorilla Glue #4 is a hard-hitting hybrid with a notably high THC concentration. So, if you’re on the look for strength with a delicious flavour to boot, the search is over! A multi-award-winning marvel, it’s no secret why we’re stuck on this strain!

Harlequin Strain

THC 8-10%
CBD 11-13%
If you’re seeking a healing strain to help your mind and body feel good, Harlequin is where it’s at! This sativa-dominant hybrid contains 11-15% CBD. Harlequin is the perfect strain for boosting mood and mellowing the mind without feeling too high.


THC 19-21%
CBD 0-1%
Assuming it's strength you're later, Headband is exactly what was needed! With high THC levels and dazzling cerebral impacts, this indica-predominant half and half is a can't miss. The solid head high and calming actual impacts will make them feel a wide range of magnificent. Draw in your brain and recuperate your body with a sound portion of Headband!

Kosher Kush Strain

THC 14-17%
CBD 0-1%
Enter a condition of delighted quietness and illumination with Kosher Kush - the main business strain to be honored by a Rabbi.

LA Chocolate

THC 27-29%
CBD 0-1%
LA Chocolate has high society composed on top of it, in a real sense! Enjoy relieving unwinding and an eruption of euphoric innovativeness. It's even viable for flavoring things up in the room! With and that's just the beginning, there truly is nothing this indica-predominant mixture can't do!

LA Kush Cake

THC 23-26%
CBD 0-1%
LA Kush Cake is an indica-prevailing mixture maryjane strain that was made from the cross of famous Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. The high of this blossom begins with a ram of elevating impacts that race through your psyche with a desensitizing impact, sliding you into a warming and shivery unwinding.

Lemon Gelato

THC 23-25%
CBD 0-1%
Lemon Gelato tastes and feels as sweet as it sounds! This marginally indica-inclining half breed supplies an engaged, fiery impact while delivering all the strain developed in your body. It's a perfect pair that you need to go after yourself to accept!

Lemon Haze

THC 23-25%
CBD 0-1%
Take your psyche higher than ever with Lemon Haze! This reviving sativa-prevailing mixture will liven you straight up! Its strong impacts will lift your state of mind to rapture. Its important citrus flavor will take your taste buds on a flavor excursion that could only be described as epic. This crossover has something for every one of your faculties!

Lemon Skunk

THC 20-22%
CBD 0-1%
On the off chance that the fiery citrus kind of Lemon Skunk doesn't attract you, then, at that point, the cheerful, vivacious head buzz without a doubt will! This grant winning sativa-predominant cross breed animates the psyche and loosens up the body. Assuming you're searching for a strain to assist with diverting concentration and innovativeness, Lemon Skunk is for you!

Orange Cookies

THC 19-21%
CBD 0-1%
With such a scrumptious name, Orange Cookies is an absolute necessity attempt! This flavor-centered half and half is powerful and lively. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Orange Cookies is one of the most outstanding tasting strains. That, however its belongings are similarly tasty for sure!

Pineapple Chunk

THC 24-26% CBD 0-1% Get ready for the intensely unadulterated appeal of Pineapple Chunk! This indica-prevailing half breed will help you to remember what you love most about this sort of marijuana. With a smooth toke and scrumptious smoke, this essence of the jungles will make you go gaga for weed once more!